Life itself asks the question and Man answers. Viktor Frankl
Are you searching for answers?

Meaning-centered coaching and counselling is suitable for children, teenagers and adults and could be beneficial if they:
  • have reached a turning point in life
  • feel increacingly stressed and overwhelmed
  • need to start a new and want to decide well
  • want to explore their personal resources and develop potential
  • face a conflict of conscience
  • quarrel with the past
  • have relationship difficulties, privately or professionally
  • have family related issues, offer end-of-life care
  • have experienced severe loss and feel left behind with only bereavement
  • have been diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • have become numb to essential values of life
  • Suffer from persisting low mood, depression, anxiety, eating disorder
  • experience rucurring nightmares, sleeping disorder
  • can not get hold of life anymore

How to proceed

Coaching and counseling are provided upon appointment on-site, via video call or by telephone. To ensure a confidential conversation for the latter, you will need to use a quiet space where you are undisturbed and can speak freely. Couples Counselling starts with single sessions of the respective partner. It can be administered online or over the phone. For the extended final conversation, both partners have to be present on site.

There is no fixed length of the counselling period. The client retains the right to continue or terminate their participation at any time during the process. The initial conversation offers a first opportunity to address the issue and for getting to know each other. Should you wish to terminate a contract, you will be provided with the necessary information regarding the next steps.


CounsellingCouples counselling:
Initial conversation 55mins: € 60,-
Therapy session 55mins: € 70,-
Initial conversation 55mins: € 60,-
Single/Couple session 55mins: € 80,-

German health insurance usually does not cover psychotherapy or coaching offered by non medical practitioners. Therefore, appointments must be payed privately by the client.
Please check with your tax authorities for possible deductions.
Should your budget be severely limited due to current unemployment or other economical struggle, don’t hesitate to mention it when making first contact. I am aiming at making logotherapy Logotherapy accessible for everyone in need.

In case of an upcoming cancellation, please leave a message on the phone 24 hours ahead at least. If not for unforeseeable circumstances, you will be billed otherwise.

For inquiries and first contact please write an Email to ###MAIL###
For cancellations use the mailbox ###INTLPHONE###

The place of jurisdiction is Germany.