For Artists and Theater Related Professionals

Work content and working conditions of performing artists differ largely from non-performing artists. A talent that was spotted early on in life pursues training, and the discipline and constant assessment needed for nurturing this talent leave an indelible mark on the person´s life.
The artist who decides to pursue a college degree and consequently make a living, experiences a daily routine of keeping-up technical skills on one hand and striving for individual expression on the other. This is as a balancing act within often strictly set structures.
Considering art as the representation of an impression the world leaves on mankind, the artist utters their individual interpretation.
Employees working within the business often wonder who´s artistic vision they are to represent as soloists and group members and in what way they may influence their working life. In addition, they may also experience problems linked to:

In over 20 years of stage affiliation I have become genuinely cognisant of the ups and downs that accompany the pursuit of an artistic career. Logotherapy and the application of its principles and methods can be a vital tool to help navigate the many diverse aspects of a performer´s life.